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Check Out This Attention-Grabbing Sales Assistant, Sale Assist™, That Will Turn Your Uninterested Website Visitors Into Life-Long Customers! 

Tired of low conversion rates?

Click the button to learn how SaleAssist can help your website make more money using the Latest Proven, and Affordable AI Technology that can be implemented on your Wix website.

IMPROVE your customer's digital experience and GROW your business


Real-time support or sales assistance


Real-time customer engagement via video, audio, or chat



Co-browsing for personalized conversations


Customer experience configurator


Nudges to increase conversion

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Stop being satisfied with Mediocrity!

There are many business owners out there that have the wrong idea about their website conversion rate…

They look at their stats, they see it, they think “How Nice Would It Be If It Was Higher”, and then, they move on.

Unfortunately, your conversion rate won’t go up on its own, so if you want to learn how you can INCREASE conversion rate with MINIMAL OUTLAY and EFFORT, keep reading


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Give Your Site Visitors An Unmatched Digital Experience That Will Grab Their Attention, Help You Make Meaningful Connections, And Finally, Turn Them Into  Customers!

Your website might receive hundreds, if not, thousands of unique visitors but the bounce rate is high because they are not able to connect with your product or service.

But that is about to change with
Sale Assist™, our interactive sales assistant software that will help you engage site visitors LIVE and boosts overall engagement & sales conversions.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of That Low Site Conversion Rate And Start Getting More Customers?

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